Friday, 4 July 2014

Dresses for Frances and Baby Janet

The other WIP that I showed has become a dress for Frances and her doll Baby Janet. 

As I mentioned before we did some potato printing on an old sheet I had.  For Frances dress I used Butterick B5845 view A.  I sewed a size 6, which was the smallest on the pattern I have so it's turned out pretty big.  

She likes it as it reaches the floor and has a flower on.

Since taking these photos I have nipped it in at both sides by about an inch, so it isn't quite hanging off her and I also sewed the flower on a bit more so that it doesn't flop about. 
And then we come to Baby Janet.  Janet is a 30cm (12") tall doll.  I've been looking around for a dress pattern for her - admittedly not very hard - but have mostly found patterns for 18" dolls.  Then I came across this pin 
posted on the sentimentalbaby blog which is a dress from the 40s to fit any doll.
I made a dress and then to preserve baby Janet's dignity when she falls over, a pair of knickers as well. 
Janet's dress fits pretty well (better than Frances' - but then Frances will grow) - I think next time I will lengthen the sleeves of the dress and the legs of the knickers so that her soft parts are completely covered. 

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Dahlia cardigan

My two WIPs I blogged about last week are now finished. 

Here is my Dahlia cardigan.... it's not really the weather for it now, I haven't quite got into the right schedule for knitting - mind you, we're passed mid summer now, so the nights are drawing in (kind of, sort of):

I'm not really sure how to wear it as it's not really the shape of cardigan, or clothes, that I'm used to wearing - I don't tend (or haven't tended) to go for anything vaguely draped.  I feel more comfortable with it pinned together at the front.

Although it looks fine open - it would probably be better with something other than scruffy top and t-shirt!  I suppose I could have dressed up properly to show off my new Dahlia, but that's not really my thing :-)

I really like the bit of lacework on the back and sleeve:

And the colour is lovely.  I think I need to use this piece as inspiration to sew some garments that will look really cool with it.  That will have to wait till after the summer holidays as my crafting time and access to the sewing machine is going to be severely diminished.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Wearing what I make: Vogue 1915

Another blouse from the archive of not wearing is this blouse:

It's made from this Vogue pattern:

Vogue 1915, view C and I made a size 10.  This is another Anne Klein design.

I tried it on and it's OK but maybe a bit short - it also rides up a lot if I lift my arms.  The fabric is some sort of crepe.  I haven't really worn it because of the riding up problem.  I'm not sure what to do about it - maybe adding a gusset at the armpit and I could wear it with something high waisted?  The inside is also appallingly finished, so if I do fix it I should do some behind the scenes work too.

I guess another dive into my fabric scraps to see if there's any of this fabric floating about anywhere - I'm such a scrap squirrel that there most likely is. 

Thursday, 19 June 2014


I have two WIPs on the go at the moment (well, there are of course more, but these are the main ones!)... one is nearly done and one is just starting.

The first is the Dahlia cardigan, which I've been working on since October last year.  I had to pause work on it over Christmas as I ran out of yarn and so had to order some more - and then by the time it arrived I was well underway with another project.

Anyway, I'm pleased that the knitting is done and it is blocking before I sew up the gap above and below the lace panel.  This is a different shape of cardigan than I would normally wear, but hopefully it will fit in with what I wear.  I chose this patten as I love the long colour changes and wanted to preserve them - I think this pattern and how it starts at the centre allows me to do this.  I tried to match (as close as I could) the colour when joining at the centre top and bottom and also when going back to add the arms.

My other WIP - which is just starting is going to be a dress for Frances - she is a real dress girl and it's time she had some more.

I had some old sheet in my stash that was donated to me in order to make a muslin for my wedding dress - so I cut up the muslin and to make it a bit more interesting (and hopefully look less like an old sheet) and have done some potato stamping in the shape of bows....

Monday, 16 June 2014

Wearing what I make - Vogue 2544 Frankenblouse

I think I may have made a wearable garment out of my two unworn garments....  As I said earlier, I took the top half of Vogue 2544, used the White Stuff blouse as inspiration and redrafted the bottom half and used the fabric that had previously been Vogue 2152 to make a Frankenblouse - I redrafted the bottom with the help of the free Sorbetto top and this is what I've ended up with:

Not too bad.... it's not my favourite item of clothing but I feel very satisfied that I've managed to cull two items of clothing that have been lolling around not being worn and made them into something that is wearable. 

And to prove that I've worn it out of the house:

The floatiness of the bottom fabric compared to the top half means that the back pleat gets a bit lost - I also had to make a centre seam at the back and include a couple of previous seams into the front piece in order to make it work - but all in order I think it's OK. 

Unfortunately I can't enter this into the Indie Pattern Franken-Indie contest, as only one half of my FrankenBlouse is Indie, but ho hum c'est la vie.

Friday, 13 June 2014

Wearing what I make - Vogue 2152

I didn't even bother to try this one on - it's sat in a box since I made it back who knows when....

I did try it on Felicity Anne though - and she looked OK, it just not really my thing.  I'm not sure it ever was.  It's a wrap around dress made using Vogue 2152 - designer Anna Sui.  I made view B in a size 10.

I seem to remember it always feeling a bit too skimpy, especially around the boobs - I'm not huge in that area, but I do prefer to be covered and not feel like I'm about to fall out.  Even looking at the picture on the pattern envelope, she looks like she's about to fall out of view B, so what did I really expect?

The browny stripes in the fabric match the colour of the shirt I'm trying to redo - so maybe it has a future potential - it's a floatier fabric than the shirt, but maybe it will work?

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Wearing what I make - redoing Vogue 2544

So, I've been having a play with the blouse I made using Vogue 2544 that was sitting around not being worn because it doesn't fit.

I opened up the side seams and sleeve seems and added a 9cm wide strip of a different fabric and also put a band around the bottom.

It's not right - it now fits across the bust OK but the hip/waist area isn't right.  I let out the seams around the hip area before I sewed on the bottom band and it just looks like a shambles and doesn't fit.

I'm quite enjoying the challenge of figuring this out though (at the moment anyway) and think I'm going to preserve the sleeves and collar area and do something different below approximately where the pin is in the photo above.

I've seen this blouse on the White Stuff website:

 And I'm thinking I could do something similar with my blouse - I think the pleat in the back and the more shaped sides will look better than the original boxiness.  Of course there won't be much of my original blouse left and I need to find a complementary fabric so this may take some time. 

Wish me luck!